”I accpet this award as a call for action…”

I just saw President Barack Obama’s speech for the Nobelprize of Peace. And…
Well, I can’t say that I think he deserved it yet, but I do think that he presented many true and crucial points about war and peace, human realtions and the understanding of cultures, unity and  about love.
There were parts that firt made me wrinkle my nose, but then I remembered that one should try to see things through others glasses and to lift my eyes so that I would be able to see the whole perspective.
And I like Obama.
He’s not Messias, but he’s really good.
End of story.

I’ve always supported Obama even though he’s not  my actual president, but as an US-outsider ( i.e swedish) I think he is a healthy and a great leader for a nation that posseses a lot power and influence throughout the world.
(Around this time last year I wrote a huge essay for my english class about Obama. I started when it was in the end of the campaigning process and just a week to the final elections on the 4th of november, and i finish a couple of weeks after the inauguration. I got into his policy and the campaign and it was really interesting.)


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